The bootstrapping community where early stage founders succeed quicker! 

- Win your first customers

- Meet Co-founders through our Talent Network

- Build your MVP using No Code

bootstrap / verb : 

The process of launching & validating your startup sustainably. 

Therefore the focus is on gaining early customers and achieving genuine Product/Market Fit before fund-raising in order to scale. 

Fund raise at the right time

Our RAISE program will connect you to the most relevant investors. BUT FIRST:

Find genuine Product/Market Fit

Our community members reach this critical milestone, 90% faster than other startups. 

Win Early Customers 

Validate, iterate & build your products alongside real customers.

Fund Raise On Your Terms

Gain provable traction so you can build success your way. 

How MasterMynd Works

For Founders, By Founders

#1 Join The Community 

MasterMynd is only for early stage tech founders who are at the pre-seed or seed stage.

Connect with other founders who are facing similar challenges 

#2 Cohort based programs

Our live & interactive structured programs are designed to be immediately applicable to your current challenges. Learn from practioners that have achieved prior success. 

#3 Our secret sauce - the MasterMynds. 

MasterMynds are carefully curated groups of like-minded founders that are at similar stages. Intimate by default, impactful by design! 

Our Weekly Masterclasses

It's time to change the narrative. Growing sustainably is the new way to succeed. We will show you how to scale like a boss! 

Live & fully interactive 

Each session will give you clarity with clear actionable next steps.

Led by bootstrap experts 

No theory here. We have assembled the A-team of experts that have been there & done that.

Customised to you.  

We co-create all our content with you in order to address all your current challenges.

Deep dive into the following topics :

Plus many more...

View the full program. 

Upcoming Events

Case studies from the inspiring CEO's that are leading todays fastest growing startups


Choose your plan & start scaling! 

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Weekly Newsletter - How to bootstrap successfully.

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Discounts on 1000's of essential products like AWS, Stripe, Hubspot, Airtable, Notion etc 

Early access to additional resources 

Full Membership 


*Per month. 

*Free lifetyme membership is activated after 3 months. No further payments.

*Limited offer for first 100 Founding MasterMynds.

includes everything in the Free membership plus : 

Weekly Masterclasses - our cohort based program. 

Weekly MasterMynd sessions - build your network. 

Meet Co-founders through our Talent Network

Full access to our online community & member directory. 

Invite-only learning events & socials

Member Only Monthly Newsletter - a curated collection of resources, reports & partner offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is bootstrapping?

Our definition is that bootstrapping is the process of launching & validating your startup sustainably. This means you will be self-funded without the need to raise capital from investors. For a full explanation read here - link  

Is bootstrapping right for me?

Bootstrapping is not for everyone. Particularly if you :

  • have high R & D costs (life sciences, deep tech etc) 
  • capital intensive business models (non- tech, selling goods)
  • hardware & consumer products (IoT, direct to consumer, ecommerce, etc) 
  • long sales cycles (enterprise sales)

That said a lot of the principles we cover in our program are still highly relevant. To make it easier, try our Bootstrapping Scorecard - link 

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes & No. We have a free content only option that you can sign up to. However the full membership is paid monthly & you can cancel anytime if you so wish. 

Can I cancel at anytime?

Of course you can ! No questions asked. Just login to your account and cancel. 

Can you help with fund-raising?

Yes once you have provable traction & Product/Market Fit, our RAISE program will connect you with the most relevant investors. 

What is a MasterMynd ?

MasterMynds are carefully curated groups of 6 to 8 like-minded founders that are at similar stages. You will meet once a month for accountability sessions, mutual support, sharing experiences & generally helping each other grow whilst building deeper & more meaningful relationships.

They are intimate by default & impactful by design! 

For a deep dive into the value they provide, read our blog post here - 

I still need more info

Please get in touch with us. We will respond ASAP. 

How To Bootstrap 

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Mastermynd is the bootstrapping community where early stage founders succeed quicker! It's time to change the narrative because growing sustainably is the new way to succeed. Win your first customers, build your no-code MVP & meet co-founders with our community behind you. 

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